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    Tortoise shell: also known as tortoise shell print

    Vizzano's forecast reveals: this print has overtaken jaguar and zebra in winning the cool status of the season.. The animal print of the time has a retro feeling and you may have already seen it...

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    How to style lime green in everyday looks?

    The closet will become more intense thanks to the chrome that has crossed the seasons and established itself as the darling of the time. Lime green, also known as neon green, is really hot! After all...

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  • FASHION | 14.04.2022

    They are here to stay: colorful ankleboots

    With autumn-winter season getting closer, there is nothing better than updating your collection with Vizzano! Little by little, the constant warm days, present in several regions of Brazil, is saying...

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  • ARRIVING IN STORES | 08.04.2022

    Blog VZ - Ed. Chegando nas lojas - Lista de desejos atualizada com sucesso

    Vizzano brings to the new season shoes that are the must-have of fashionistas. Vizzano's launches are part of the closet of the it girls who closely followed the trends and the international fas...

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  • FASHION FORECAST | 28.03.2022

    Top 5 Vizzano: get to know the new trends!

    Aware that #VizzanoLovers want novelties, we reveal what are the must-haves of the moment. The amazing side of keeping an eye on what's on the radar is about this: inserting new fashion experien...

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  • FASHION | 18.03.2022

    Jeans: the trend that matches any shoes and bags!

    And also, #VizzanoLovers, it never goes off the radar and can be styled according to your personality. New seasons arrive and the highlights soon fall on the fashion radar. The fashion shows, the ex...

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  • FASHION | 11.03.2022

    Match the all-black look with Vizzano\'s new releases!

    Learn how to use the color in the hottest days and still give a colorful touch with exclusive footwear. The rule of the right color for each season stopped being a trend a long time ago. What counts ...

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  • FASHION | 04.03.2022

    Tips to transform outfits with statement shoes

    Wanting to renovate your look? Come on, Vizzano shows you how! It is always possible to adapt different pieces for different occasions, it only depends on the styling and personality. After all, when...

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  • FASHION FORECAST | 23.02.2022

    Its ok to combine bag and shoes, huh?

    Vizzano has irresistible bags that will give more authenticity to your looks! The fashion super tuned in women that follow Vizzano's blog already know that bags are impactful and can innovate th...

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  • ARRIVING IN STORES | 16.02.2022

    We anticipate what iscoming in 2022: boots!

    Vizzano presents the new collection (and the trends you can't miss)! Forecasts of Autumn-Winter 2022 trends appeared on the international catwalks and immediately fell on the radar of fashionist...

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  • ARRIVING IN STORES | 14.02.2022

    Updates on the bag collection you need to know about!

    A new season is approaching, and with it, It-bags trends are renewed. The next releases by Vizzano are already on the wishlist of fashionistas who know that handbags have the ability to take any loo...

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  • ARRIVING IN STORES | 04.02.2022

    Meet the new colors of the Vizzano portfolio

    #Spoiler: the color chart is made up of those that have rocked in the feeds and on the catwalks. Come check it out! Softness, lightness and harmony define the colors of Vizzano's high summer 202...

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  • FASHION FORECAST | 31.01.2022

    Top trend: detalles maximalistas

    The growing popularity is a sign for you to try this maxi-daring trend! Have you heard about of the fashion trend that can't be missing from your closet? It's this: maximalist details adorn...

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  • FASHION FORECAST | 28.01.2022

    The main trends in boots for a match with your style

    Check here a special wishlist of Vizzano models for you to rock your looks all year long. Boots These boots - also called combat boots - are influenced by the military universe, a trend known as u...

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  • ARRIVING IN STORES | 28.01.2022

    Novelties in heels for you to update your closet!

    The shoes of the moment coordinate geometric design and the colors of the season. A new trend of heels has been paraded around and has not gone unnoticed: the sculptural heels (also known as geometri...

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  • FASHION | 28.01.2022

    The colorful shoes that will elevate the look of your outfits

    Touch of color is the essential detail that can not be missing in the closet of fashionistas! The basic black is a wildcard, but the colorful shoes are gaining space in the heart of fashion influence...

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  • FASHION FORECAST | 27.01.2022

    The 2022 season coordinates intense tones and bold looks

    And the promise of great looks also, obviously, always together with Vizzano! Of all the bets that are being made of what will be a must-have in the 2022 season, undeniably, the largest and most in d...

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  • FASHION | 07.12.2021

    ComebackFashion: the 90s is the trend of the moment

    And Vizzano warns: it's okay to feel nostalgic and invest in the fashion of this era!The 90s were emblematic when it comes to fashion. A time period that continues to conquer stylists and influen...

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  • FASHION FORECAST | 17.11.2021

    Details that raise up the closet of every fashionista!

    Transparent vinyl, knots and knit cry for bold looks that celebrate the return of street style. The ability to predict what will be trending, including colors, shapes, sophisticated materials, has be...

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  • FASHION FORECAST | 17.11.2021

    The fashion sneakers of the season!

    Favorites among influencers and celebrities, these models contemplate the casual look that, besides being sophisticated, is supercool. Who would have thought that we, women, in a period not so long a...

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  • FASHION FORECAST | 11.10.2021

    Vichy, the print that stormed into fashion feed and women\'s looks

    Learn more about this trend, which according to Pinterest, had a 110% increase in searches in the year 2020 and is one of the highlights this season. Vichy is a timeless print, known for its checkere...

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  • ARRIVING IN STORES | 05.10.2021

    As novas it bags da Vizzano para você se apaixonar

    The brand presents the launches of this fashionista item, which composes the glamorous atmosphere and at the same time organizes all its items in one place. There are several amazing novelties of thi...

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  • ARRIVING IN STORES | 02.09.2021

    Vizzano innovations that bring the viral logomania!

    #LogoObsessed? Then this post is for you (and for those who want to invest in the trend, obviously!!!). In the 1920s, Coco Chanel put her name directly on clothing. Two C's that became an iconic...

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  • ARRIVING IN STORES | 04.08.2021

    Exclusive products that dialogue with female diversity

    Each model presents trends for you to wear in your own way and to exude authenticity! Want to know the next color palette you must have in your closet? The earthy tones! According to Heuritech, a com...

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  • FASHION | 20.07.2021

    Here are some great styling tips for the slingback

    With Vizzano's curatorship, you can create amazing compositions and different styles with this classic model. The classic 60's-inspired footwear was quickly embraced by celebrities such as ...

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  • FASHION FORECAST | 22.03.2021

    Square shoes: the highlight that conquered the most tuned in productions

    With a fashion visual ID and full of comfort, this shoe has taken over all women's outfits, from the most basic to the most elaborate. The square shoes are models that have a square design, but ...

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  • ARRIVING IN STORES | 15.03.2021

    Vizzano Sneakers: the fashion darling of all occasions

    The new line is synonymous with success in urban fashion and awaits you at the nearest store! Have you noticed that sneakers are increasingly stylized with on-trend information? This is due to the ...

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  • FASHION FORECAST | 11.03.2021

    Acqua, The Fancy color of the season

    The trend, with inspiration in technology and at the same time, in nature, adds refinement, sophistication and positivity to your fashion looks. Acqua makes its debut at Vizzano, as a positive shade ...

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  • ARRIVING IN STORES | 11.03.2021

    Vizzano presents: the new line of loafers!

    Come meet (and choose!) your new essential which is super bold and refined. Over the decades, the Moccasin has gone from exclusive status in the men's closet to being the versatile finish of wo...

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  • FASHION | 10.03.2021

    Heel cup: the heel appeal that has conquered trendsetters all over the world

    The shoe, led to the must-have category, reveals that luxury, can (and should!) make a presence in everyday looks. Did you notice that suddenly, screen style was invaded by countless models of sandal...

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  • FASHION | 10.03.2021

    Sneaker + dress: a fashionista partnership

    Check it out how to wear this combo that has invaded the women's dress code. Sneakers with dress is super in and in all seasons and situations! It is a beloved duo among fashionistas, after all,...

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  • FASHION | 09.03.2021

    Looks for you to wear with your favorite combat boot!

    The shoe has left the comfort zone and now goes beyond the combinations made with bomber jackets, camouflage and olive green. Combat boots, which you like to call coturno when up close and personal, ...

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  • FASHION | 09.03.2021

    On the wishlist of fashionistas: sandals with transparency!

    They are the key piece for that glam factor in the outfit of the day. The transparencies trend made its fashion debut in the 90s. In the blink of an eye, we started to see and want to wear the famous...

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  • FASHION | 03.03.2021

    Trend: Wedge sandal!

    Classic and always sophisticated, wedge sandals are an important part of the contemporary history that defines the female dress code. This season, they are especially more elegant, as they highlight i...

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